(2007) Spanish Report: Social Sciences and European Research Capacities (SS‐ERC) Project [SP]

Friday 19 October 2007, by Web

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Martínez, Miguel. 2007. Spanish Report made within the SS-ERC Project. http://www.techresp.eu/

Research group in Spain is coordinated by Dr. Miguel Martínez López, professor of sociology at the University of La Rioja. He is a member of the research group called “Social Enclave” and of the research institute “Public Policies and Citizenship”. Both institutions are located in the University of La Rioja and formed by scholars from different fields of social sciences: sociology, social work, social psychology, history, law and philosophy.

Within the project SS-ERC three other members of these research groups were involved: Dr. Joaquín Giró (professor of sociology), Dr. Esther Raya (professor of social work) and Dr. José Martín y Pérez de Nanclares (professor of law). A research assistant, graduated in sociology and PhD candidate in Political Science, have been contracted for working in this project: Luis Alberto San Vicens. We are also profiting the helpful collaboration of Dr. José Remo Fernández, lecturer on sociology in the University Carlos III of Madrid, and Dr. Miguel A. Vázquez, lecturer of sociology in the University of Murcia, both scholars specialised in S&T issues. Susana Sánchez and Elvira Roa, from the Foundation of the University of La Rioja (FUR), are in charge of the administrative management of the project.